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The Positive Body Image recording is very good to listen to. I’ve been sleeping better, I lost 4kg in weight in the first two weeks, and I feel my health and wellbeing has improved.
Date of Posting: 15 January 2015
Posted By: Teresa Staines
Theta Healing Master, North Queensland, Australia
From listening to the Positive Body Image recording, I have gained more self-confidence in myself and how I appear to others. It has given me strength to be confident with people and situations where I would normally avoid confrontation. It has also given me the courage to clear the clutter from my life, as if I have been given a fresh start. Thank you Erica for giving me the tools to unlock my hidden potential.
Date of Posting: 09 July 2014
Posted By: Kylie Whittaker
Cairns, North Queensland, Australia
Erica, Just thought it would be nice to give you some feedback on my session on Sunday. I have had a C5 bulge disc since December 2012 and it has been giving me quite a bit of grief since then. I have had numerous treatments since then and, up until Sunday, no perceived benefit. On Sunday morning, I was also experiencing quite a bit of rhomboid pain radiating through my right shoulder. I found your treatment to be exceptional. All the new age, love and light mumbo jumbo is VERY new to me, but you can't defy gravity. At the end of my session, I found it extremely difficult to just open my eyes, and limb movement was not an option for a little while later. When I stood up, my shoulder pain was COMPLETELY gone, as if it was never there. It has not returned (even better). Today, my neck discomfort has completely ceased as well. On the drive home, it was as if I was looking through new eyes, my peripheral vision was (and still is) very clear, as if I can see everything as if I was staring right at it (very different). I feel a lot calmer and contented in my actions and thoughts. You have shown me that it is not what you say, but the intent in which you say it. I do advise a lot of my clients that, even though I may not be the best massage therapist, the intent of my touch is what makes me a little more popular than others. It was really a pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to meeting you again in the near future.
Date of Posting: 22 April 2013
Posted By: Andrew Squillari
Self-Employed: Mentor/Coach, Currency Miner, QUIT Cigarettes Specialist, Massage Therapist., Oasis Wellness Centre - Mareeba Queensland Australia
Erica has divine guidance when she teaches. The Courses I attended (Healing Hints and Rainbow Course) were great, long awaited, and extremely powerful lessons in my life’s journey! Thanks Erica.
Date of Posting: 07 March 2012
Posted By: Helen Malcolm
Mareeba, Queensland, Australia
I have received one Subconscious Ascension healing by Erica West, which has changed my life forever. I suffered all my life from inner tension, and ripped my fingernails in stress. Since I have had the Subconscious Ascension session, my fingernails are growing, and I feel so much inner peace and balance within myself. I don’t feel overwhelmed with feelings of stress any more, have no more cravings for sweet things, and have so much more energy and joy. I believe the Subconscious Ascension healing will work on areas in yourself where healing is required, and shift major blockages of fear, trauma and hurt. I am very impressed, and so grateful, for this huge shift of consciousness, which allows me to be a NEW ME.
Date of Posting: 15 December 2011
Posted By: Susanna Isabella
International Visionary Artist & Medium, North Queensland, Australia
Dear Erica, I am writing to thank you for the session you ran on Healing Hints. You have a gift for presenting invaluable information, in a fun and easy to understand way, that can be used straight away (no bells or whistles, but the nuts and bolts of the techniques). Having some techniques that allow me to start taking ownership of my own health is very empowering and exciting. Thank you for making it so easy and fun.
Date of Posting: 23 December 2010
Posted By: Clare Hensley
Oak Forest, Queensland, Australia
Erica West's development of Subconscious Ascension is assisting many in the elevation of their consciousness and, in turn, this increases the vibration of the collective consciousness. Thank you for this very important healing. My life continually changes for the better, as Subconscious Ascension creates shifts that allow me to handle and cope with issues better, or they simply no longer are a bother, and the development of awareness.
Date of Posting: 28 September 2010
Posted By: Linda Henning
Natural Therapies Practitioner, Cairns, Queensland, Australia
A life-changing experience for those who wish to embrace their empowerment with open arms... Erica West delivers a cutting edge session of pure positive power... it's the shortcut to success... whether you attend in person or have your session energetically sent.
Date of Posting: 22 September 2010
Posted By: Nyree Ellen
Psychic/Medium, Mareeba, Queensland, Australia
Hello. My name is Jodie Masson, and the best way to tell my story is to start from the beginning. I grew up in middle-class Australia, pretty much had everything any little girl could dream of. I travelled to places overseas by the age of 9, and then lived in Scotland for 18 months. My best friend owned a castle, so I played there every weekend, only to be driven home in a Rolls Royce after playing like a princess. Then, one day, my parents separated. I was devastated (since I was daddy's little girl). We moved back to Australia (my mum, my brother and I), where I grew up quickly, as mum had to work to support us, and I became the adult in the family. Dad never helped us, or came to visit. I became angry at the world, at my mother, and anyone who showed signs of caring about me. Therein lies the start of my addiction – it helped ease the pain. I rolled on through life, in and out of relationships, being beaten to a pulp by one, mistreated by a felon, growing angrier by the day. Then, in 1998, I met John. He had his addiction, and I had mine. We clicked. Then, in 1999, I was to give birth to a baby girl. That changed both of us for a while. Then we slipped back into our same old patterns. We were on the brink of ending our relationship. I met a person that I was trying to help, but he ended up suiciding. I was so numb. I hated my partner, even though he had always treated me well, and we argued every day. I felt we were over, and I'm sure he did too. But, at that time, John worked with a lady called Erica West. She kept saying to him "Come and see me, and bring your partner". Maybe one year later, we ended up in Erica's therapy room, having the Subconscious Ascension session, and we haven't looked back since. John has been 3 times, and I have been 4. I have also completed Erica's Rainbow Course. Today, we live very happily, free from addictions, with three beautiful children, and we couldn't fight if we tried. We are slowly fixing the debt we accumulated, but things are perfect, and John still does the dishes (ha ha Erica). Had Erica, with her quaint insistence, not convinced John to give Subconscious Ascension a try, maybe our lives would be so different. So, to anyone who is contemplating this treatment, do not hesitate in giving it a go. Don't stop at one, if you think nothing happened. Keep going, until your body says you're done. You will know this anyway. I, myself, think you can never have enough Subconscious Ascension sessions. So, give it a go. You won't be sorry. And fly high, like we do every day. Good luck in your life-changing experience. It is worth it, and so are you.
Date of Posting: 12 September 2010
Posted By: Jodie Masson
Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia
Hi Erica, Just want to say a big thank you for the Subconscious Ascension session we had last week. Deep down I know that changes have definitely taken place, although I can't truly say what they are on a conscious level just yet. I've, so far, had three SA sessions with you, and find the changes so subtle that I tend to be aware of them usually on hindsight. What I can say is that I always come away feeling light, exhilarated and ever so peaceful, as if a great load had been lifted off me. The energy is so loving and caressing that I could stay in it for hours on end. I must share with you something that did occur immediately after the last session though. As you know, I do not drive and so make very infrequent trips out of Cairns. After the session, I just thought how nice it would be to meet some people I knew while I was up there and, guess what, within the next 24 hours, I actually got to meet the people I thought of. Woo hoo!!! Talk about instant manifestation! I can't wait for my next session. Thanks to the SA, we're now vibrating at a very high level, and who knows what else we'll be able to do. Thanks again, Erica, for being the wonderful light being that you are, and for sharing this awesome modality with us. It'll be great when this really gets out there, because so many people can benefit from your Subconscious Ascension session. You truly are a god-send. Love you heaps!
Date of Posting: 09 September 2010
Posted By: Sushila Coyle
Manunda, Queensland, Australia

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